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MicroCrunch Universal RPG: Introduction and Initial Release

Lately I've been fascinated with reading micro and quick-play systems for role playing. And there are some really creative ones out there. I've been inspired by so many: Barbarians of Lemuria, Risus, the Dead Simple sets, The Black Hack, The Rad HackMaze Rats, Lasers and Feelings, and a whole bunch more.

I like mechanics, and I like character generation as a mini-game within the RPG.

Sadly, my RPGer friends are scattered all over the country. But we do have a lot of local friends who are very willing game players. So I would like a really small game: one that's easy to pick up and play instantly with a group of non-gamers, and flexible enough to handle any genre.

MicroCrunch Universal is my very own complete role playing game that is small enough that the whole thing prints out on both sides of a 3"x5" index card. It does assume that someone in the group is familiar enough with role-playing games to un…